Wholesale Pumpkins for Retail Stores

We are the leading supplier of wholesale pumpkins in the produce industry.

We are the leader in providing carving and ornamental pumpkins to the retail market. We specialize in top quality, Grade A pumpkins that pass inspection, food safety audits and product traceability standards.

With over 55 years in the produce and vegetable industry and over 40 years growing and shipping pumpkins, we can assure you we know and love this crop! We do our best to work with our customers and their specific retail needs and nothing goes untouched.

Top Planting Technology

Family-Owned Business

Farm to Market Reliability

Reliable Logistics

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55 Years Of Experience

All about planting and growing.

Experienced Workers

We have lifelong relationships with our crews.

Food Safety Certified

Our crops are audited by PrimusGFS


Agriculture Is Providing The Best

Solution Of Eco Environment


4th Generation Family Owned Business

We provide customer service, straight answers and one-on-one consulting for your produce needs.

  • Leaders in the industry
  • Tailored to your retail needs
  • Top, quality pumpkins that last

Crop Protection Service

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Lawn & Garden Care

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Irrigation & Drainage

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Forest & Tree Planting

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Why Choose Us?

Our Vegan has 35 year experience in Agriculture

Farmers who are interested in transitioning away from animal farming. Growing protein crops for the human-consumption market.

Saving Wildlife 92%
Recycling Materials 80%
Waste Management 65%


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Eco-friendly products are, the products that do not harm the environment. whether in their production,

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We Are ISO
Certified Company

Team Member

Meet Our Great Team

Our team mission is to promote agricultural practices designed to provide abundant healthy food, fiber and other services for all communities.